Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011 UPDATE

Wow - our volunteers had another busy weekend:

CAT T6H4523 - completed washing of interior, exterior and engine bay. Some soot remains at exhaust area at left rear, will need the soap solution and brush touch up.

Greyhound Silversides PD-4103 - washed exterior and engine bay. Note: entrance door is jammed closed.

Williamsburg TGH3301 - washed exterior, engine bay and front interior (driver's area and front door)

SEPTA B-10M - washed exterior, rear equipment bay and front interior (driver's area and front door)

4106: H&S towing raised bus on to blocks. Rear drained. Air in tire.

4103: Grease entrance door track.

Bonanza: ran bus and drained fuel filter. Sprayed electrical connections with Corrosion X.

Williamsburg: Scraped and swept floor of silt.

SEPTA Volvo: Scraped and swept floor of silt.

4905: remove batteries and charge.

Jamaica Fishbowl: Remove builder's plate and GMC emblem.

MC5: Charge batteries.

Power wash annex garage doors. Power wash annex walls. More floor clean up.

Power wash parts.

Oil changed in power wash.

New door to tool room installed.

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