Sunday, July 22, 2012

Terry Cosentino Presents Model To NJ Transit Heritage Museum

Terry Cosentino presented a model of a NJ Transit Flxible Metro to members of the New Jersey Transit Heritage Museum at the 2012 Spring Fling. This is a model of one of the vintage buses in their fleet. Thank you to the NJ Transit Heritage Museum for being a part of our Spring Fling and thank you to Sharon Ogden for sending us thie picture of Terry presenting the model.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fleet Update Part 2

.A little more news on our fleet: The individual who is doing the body work on the 1945 Ford 59-B at the annex has offered to repaint the bus once the body work is completed. Mike Demeter, who donated the bus has supplied us with the original DuPont paint colors. Thank You Mike and the person doing the body work for your efforts.

Our last salvage bus from the flood, the ex-Jamaica T8H-5308 has been removed from the annex grounds. The salvage firm also inspected the ex-Richmond AM General and may consider purchasing this bus as well. This bus suffered a fair amount of water & mud damage but has a fair exterior. The Fleet Committee will discuss the status of this bus. The Fleet Committee is also planning ahead for switching the museum floor display, which has not been changed for 18 months.

Fleet Update Part 1

Some other news regarding our fleet as we continue to recover from last year's flood. Service First recently completed work on the PD 4103, PD 4106 and MC-5C. There are no other vehicles that we have to run through their program. The PD 4103 has an entirely new black floor which is nearly identical to to the original floor this bus had. This new floor replaced the floor that was in the bus when we received it several years ago, a type of linoleum floor which was in bad shape. Thank you to the folks at Service First. for the great work.

We had two mechanics from SEPTA visit the annex (on their day off) to work on the engine on the Volvo B-10M. It appears there was extensive damage to the underfloor engine from the flood waters and mud so it is unlikely this bus will ever run again. However they were able to free up the braking system which will enable us to tow the bus around the property and eventually onto the museum floor once we complete additional interior cleaning. Thank you to these two maintainance folks from SEPTA for your efforts.

Williamsburg TGH 3301 Update

We want to update you on the status of the Williamsburg TGH 3301. Our newest board member Jeff Goldwasser has arranged with Perfect Body Company to have this bus repainted in it's original Colonial Williamsburg two shades of grey. The bus is currently at their facility and should be returned to the museum in time for the next floor display change. Thank you Jeff for your efforts, we can't wait to see this bus sporting it's new paint!!

Bob Devine Appointed A Museum Advisor

We are happy to announce that Robert "Bob" Devine has been appointed to be an advisor to the Museum of Bus Transportation. Bob has been instrumental over the years in suggesting several changes especially in regard to the fleet & the storage garage. Bob has also given many volunteer hours over the years working the museum floor and other various projects. Congratulations Bob on your appointment as an advisor.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Annual Meeting Saturday October 27th

Attention MOBT members: the 2012 annual meeting will take place Saturday October 27th starting at 9:00 AM at the museum. Our guest speaker for this year's meeting will be Maureen Leo, Vice President of Lakeland Bus Lines, based in Dover NJ. With a fleet of about 80 buses, Lakeland operates scheduled commuter line run service between the "Lake Area Communities" in northern NJ and New York City, along with scheduled casino runs, and an extensive charter and tour department. Lakeland also donated the "Forrest Gump" GM bus to the museum, one of the most popular buses in our collection. We also congratulate Lakeland Bus Lines on their 60th year of service in 2012. If you want to learn more about Lakeland Bus Lines you can check out their website:

The fee for the annual meeting is $35, which includes coffee and danish upon arrival, a buffet luncheon served after the business meeting, gift shop specials and a bus fan trip in the local area after the luncheon (trip details TBA). For more information please call the museum at 717-566-7100 X119. Hope to see many members on October 27th.