Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bob Beard Silver Eagle Plaque

A special plaque featuring a Silver Eagle, inscribed in honor of the late Bob Beard has been completed and Bob's name has also been placed on the front window of the George Sage Annex.

Board Meeting Reminder

A reminder that MBT Board meetings are open to all members to attend and are now back to starting at 6:30PM. We had experimented with starting the meetings at 6:00 but with several of the board members still working they found getting to the museum on time for 6:00 was a challenge. The schedule for the remaining MBT Board meetings for 2012: Sept.4th, Oct. 2nd, Nov. 6th and Dec.4th.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

COLTS Bus Driver Dies While On The Job

Angelo Dominick, the senior driver for COLTS in Scranton PA died while on the job yesterday. He had been with COLTS for 39 years and had just celebrated his 44th wedding anniversary last Friday. Click the link to read more about Mr. Dominick in this article from the Scranton Times-Tribune.

The MBT extends it's condolences to Angelo Dominick's family, friends and co-workers.